Internet Explorer 8 Beta

If you bring the topic information technology then mostly it will be Microsoft the world’s biggest software company.

Microsoft released the beta version of its new Internet Browser “Internet Explorer 8 (IE 8)”. The first release or the Beta 1 of Internet Explorer 8 was in March 2008 and last week was the release of Beta 2.

Internet Explorer 8 has many new features comparing to its predecessor Internet Explorer 7 such as In Private Browsing where you can browse the internet without saving your history or cookies, Web Slices which help us to keep track of the web sites we like the most, Smart screen filter another security feature to help us prevent from malicious websites, search suggestions are to name a few of the enhanced features.

To get more information regarding Internet Explorer 8 and Download the IE 8 Beta 2, visit

I have been using Internet explorer 7 from its beta release and even though there were some hiccups (crashing unexpectedly) it turned out to be one of the finest web browsers I have used in my life. Now I have upgraded my web browser to IE 8 beta 2 and in fact I am composing this message through IE 8, I am very much thrilled like most of you’ll out there to use this new mind blowing browser but Microsoft has not yet announced the final release date, so until then lets enjoy using the Beta 2 of IE 8.   

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