Microsoft Live Labs Photosynth

If you are a creative person, if you love photography or if you are someone who loves to play around with new and latest technologies, then this i for you 🙂

“Microsoft Live Labs Photosynth” a tool which hellps you create a cinematic experience view or a 3D gaming view witth the normal pictures you click using your digital cameras. Youcan get this mind blowing view by associating a bunch of pictures of an object or a place or anything you shoot from different angles.

Its very easy to create a synth, to create a Photosynth all what you have to do is capture alot of pictures from different angles and visit

where you will have an option to create a Photosynth after you log in using a Windows Live ID. Once you log in there is a tiny software to download and install on your Windows XP or Windows Vista. It’s easy and funfilled..

You have some sample synths which are already created and you can experience them.

For more information on Microsoft Photosynth visit

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