Opening IMDB website in Internet Explorer 8 Beta

About 2 weeks ago I installed Internet Explorer 8 beta 2 to my computer and have been using it since then. I usually browse almost everyvday since I love movies and movies are the only thing I enjoy other than my work. Anyway, after installing IE8 Beta 2 the IMDB website didn’t work, the site didn’t even open. I thought that there was something wrong with the website and I tried opening it from another computer which has IE7 and for my surprise it was working perfectly. That was it, I tried to fix this and find out what exactly was causing this and finally “wolaaaaa” I found it, when i enabled the compatibility view option in the tools menu it worked without a problem.

What I think is causing this problem is that IE8 checks the website for any compatibility issues. Anyway now that my problem is solved I am going to find out the latest movie details from IMDB. Adieu 🙂

5 thoughts on “Opening IMDB website in Internet Explorer 8 Beta

  1. No problem at all!! pleasure is mine!! please share your experience with IE 8 or any relevant products so that if there is a problem we can try solving it 🙂

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