Microsoft Windows Sysinternals – BGINFO

In the midst of my hectic schedule (this is the reason why i couldn’t write for he past 4-6 weeks) I thought of writing about the Background Info (BgInfo.exe) tool (thanks to a close friend of mine who really gave me the idea to write about this tool).

If you are to look at Sysinternals, Sysinternals started in 1996 and was acquired by Microsoft n the same year. Sysinternal is a set of tools for Microsoft Windows which is freely available for download at

Ok! Let me come to Background Info (BgInfo) is a tool which displays all of the system information to the logged in user details on your computers wallpaper. By installing this you don’t really have to perform alo’t of clicks and type certain commands here and there to get information such as the computer name, IP address, logged in username, domain name, OS version, boot time, CPU, RAM, disk space and so on.

I was wondering on how the virtual pc’s that comes with the Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) has the username, computer name, domain name, and the IP address in the default background and how it changes every time you log in with different user accounts, This was done using this particular tool (Bginfo) which is a 360KB download.

Try it out!! You will be impressed!!

Until Next time! Good Day, Good Night and Adios 🙂

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