The “Mojave” Experiment

Microsoft Windows Vista which doesn’t need any introduction to anyone who is a computer user was released last year. From the day it was released until to date it has gone through a lot of criticism (most of these critics were non Microsoft users & i wonder how they criticize without even using the product) mainly on the performance as Windows Vista needs more RAM than Windows XP (of course it needs more memory for the mind blowing new features it has).

The Mojave Experiment asked “What do people think of Windows Vista when they don’t know it’s Windows Vista?”, this is the only way we get an honest opinion from people. There were around 140 participants who had never used Windows Vista before and they were shown certain demo features from the next Microsoft OS. What these participants didn’t know was that Mojave was actually Windows Vista :).

The results were great almost everyone was really really happy about Windows Vista.

The results stats can be found from the following link,

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