Microsoft Windows 7 Beta 1

Microsoft’s new and upcoming desktop operating system Windows 7 beta 1 was released last week.

Now usually when there is a beta product been released and installed on a system you will come across a lot of issues, but its the other way around with this beautiful masterpiece by Microsoft. The looks of Windows 7 just took my breath away.

As soon as i installed the product i noticed that its speeder than Windows Vista and the CPU usage and memory management is completely mind-blowing comparatively to Vista. The beta 1 installation went smoothly and ended successfully, i even tried an upgrade from Windows Vista ultimate to Windows 7 Ultimate and it went fine.

One of the main highlight of Windows 7 is the new and improved taskbar where you can move your cursor on top of the program which are opened and minimized and have a live preview. The side bar in Windows vista is not there in Windows 7 but the gadgets are available for you to have anywhere on your desktop 🙂

To experience Windows 7 fully you will need a Tablet PC or an interactive touch screen, this is to experience the new Windows Touch feature which is introduced in Windows 7. As for system requirements a computer which can run Windows Vista can run Windows 7 more efficiently.

Most importantly the Windows Easy Transfer (WET) can be done from Windows Vista to Windows 7 so no need to worry on manual backups before you upgrade or migrate.

Microsoft Windows 7 Beta 1 can be downloaded as an ISO file from the following link

I know what you are thinking 🙂 Download, Install and Experience the world with a whole new WINDOW!!!

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