Microsoft Office 2010

In the recently concluded TechED US Microsoft announced that the technical preview of its next version of Office will be launched in July (exactly 43 days more). The next version of Office is named Office 2010 and was codenamed Office 14. The Technical Preview will be based on invitations and the invitations are limited. Visit the following site to register for the invitation (lets hope that we get one :p). Although the Office 2010 Technical Preview is being leaked and which is not ofcourse officially given by Microsoft to us.. ithink you can figure out the rest (ethically).

Talking about Office 2010 (pronounced as twenty ten), this will be released in x86 and x64 versions and will run on top of XP SP3, Vista and Windows 7. According to Microsoft you dont need any fancy configurations to run Office 2010.

For those who are wondering on what is a Technical Preview, this is a version to to express the engineering milestone of the product. Usually the Technical Preview is released before the RTM version or the first Beta.

Visit to watch the cool teaser preview of Office 2010 and to register for the TP of the product.

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