Outlook 2010 Technical Preview

Sitting by a couple of friends and having a cup of coffee, one of my friends were pointing out that i should write a post and here i am signed into my blog and thinking on what to write :p

Suddenly one of the guys were asking about the new Office 2010 and there you go the topic just popped into my head “outlook 2010 (twenty ten – the way it’s been pronounced) “. I have been using office 2010 technical preview for some time now and am really impressed on the new interface it has. The major difference between office 2007 and 2010 outlook is the interface it has. If you look at the 2007 office products, Microsoft introduced the ribbon interface except for outlook and some of the other application. But in 2010 ribbon interface is included in all the applications from word to one note hence it is very much easier to perform tasks.

You don’t have to drill down menus in outlook to search for specific features. For an example if you are to create a new rule it’s just in front of your eyes making your life very much easier 🙂

The Office button in Office 2007 has been refined in Office 2010 and it does not look like a normal drop down menu instead looks like this


outlook 2010 office button
outlook 2010 office button