Shortcut keys in Windows 7

The hottest topic in the IT industry these days is Windows 7 and its release. I have gathered some of the keyboard shortcuts which you can use in Windows 7 and I am sure this will be very useful to you and make you more productive by allowing you to achieve tasks quicker and simpler.

Microsoft has included a keyboard shortcut to create new folders in Windows 7

  • Ctrl+ Shift+ N

There are a lot of shortcuts associated with the Windows Key on your keyboard.

  • Win Key+ Spacebar = Aero Peek
  • Win Key+ Up = Maximize Window
  • Win Key+ Down = Restore
  • Win Key+ Left = Move Window to left
  • Win Key+ Right = Move Windows to right
  • Win Key+ Home = Minimize all windows except for the active windows
  • Win Key+ + = Zoom In
  • Win Key+ – = Zoom out
  • Win Key+ X = Mobility Center
  • Win Key+ P = Connect to additional display (external display)

There are much more, but yet to discover J

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