7 Features in Windows 7

Now that Microsoft has released the RTM (release to manufacture) version of Windows 7 to its TechNet/MSDN subscribers and the final release being scheduled to be in end of October, I am sure most of us would have got our hands dirty with at least one of the releases (Beta, RC or RTM).

If I am to tell, I have been using Windows 7 from beta to RTM and there are a lot of new features which simply took my breath away. If I am to name a few,

1)  The new super bar (formerly known as the task bar) – this is awesome, its more visible and you can pin and unpin your favorite applications and mostly used applications on to the super bar now. It’s that you don’t have to search them anymore.

2)  The Aero Snap – This is one of my personal favorites. This feature helps a lot when creating reports. It automatically adjusts any 2 documents for a comparison view. It’s simple just drag your windows to both the extreme corners of your desktop and Windows 7 will automatically resize them to fit your screen for a compatibility view.

3)  The Aero Peek – allows you to peek through the applications which are opened in your super bar rather than opening them and allows you to have a preview of those opened programs.

4)  BitLocker To Go – Security to the max – Encrypt your USB drive – no more data theft

5)  Media Center included in all the editions from Home Premium and above , unlike Windows Vista where you had the media center in Home Premium and Ultimate. Using Media Center you can manage your pictures and videos in one place. Pretty neat!

6)  One of the fast and secure browsers – IE8 – the best part is unlike SOME other browsers it doesn’t save your passwords in plain text. 

7)  Aero Shake – gives the “Awe” to the audience when you demo this 🙂 I simply love this. Shake one of the opened windows and the rest of the windows minimizes and maximizes.

I can simply can go on like this if time allows, but it doesn’t (unfortunately time is not a good friend of mine)

Until next time!

3 thoughts on “7 Features in Windows 7

  1. Great Artical…… you should be working for Microsoft……

    I was using Windows 7 but never heard some of these features and never tested.

    good to know such features………… there in Windows 7

    Windows 7 Will Rock.


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