Installing Windows 7 using a USB Drive

The following post is dedicated to a close friend who has a notebook which doesn’t have a DVD Drive.

If you look at the new mini laptops, which are used widely, it doesn’t come with a DVD drive, meaning to install Windows you will have to find another method, like an external DVD drive or network installation. But external DVD drive? this will cost money and network installation is trouble some as you will need to be in a network, What if you are a home user? Well, we have the answer for that 🙂 use a USB drive to install Windows 7.

Using a Thumb Drive to install Windows 7 will be much faster than using a DVD. the thumb drive should be a minimum of 4GB in size and has to be formatted in a way that it can boot and install Windows 7. But before all these we have to make sure that your computer supports booting from USB 🙂

  1. Open up Command Prompt in admin mode (right click command prompt and select run as administrator)
  2. Type Diskpart (this is a utility which will help you partition your thumb drive and prepare it for bootable)
  3. Type List Disk (this command will help you to find out the disks that are plugged in to your computer, if you have a single hard disk it will be disk 0 and the thumb drive you plugged in can be disk 1, but depends on the hard disk configuration of your computer.) I am going to assume your thumb drive is Disk 1.
  4. Type Select Disk 1
  5. Type Clean ( This will erase or wipe all your data which is in your thumb drive, so make sure you back it up)
  6. Now you will have to create a partition by typing Create Partition Primary
  7. Once you create a partition you will have  to type the following command Active to make the partition active.
  8. Once the partition is marked as active, you will have to format the partition by typing format fs=fat32 quick (this will do a quick format)
  9. As soon as you format it you will have to assign a drive letter by typing Assign
  10. Once you execute the Assign command you will be able to see the thumb drive as normal USB storage drive in your my computer to which you will have to copy the Windows 7 setup files.

You are done 🙂 boot your computer off your thumb drive and your installation will start.

Enjoy Installing Windows 7    

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