Central Administration in MOSS 2007

Central Administration in SharePoint 2007 is a separate web application which is attached to a site collection. This Site Collection consists of three sites. Namely,

  1. Home
  2. Operations
  3. Application Management

Only the farm administrators have access to the central administration by default and how do you open central administration? click on Start => All Programs => Microsoft Office Server => SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration.

Central Administration is the place where you will be performing/configuring almost all your administrative tasks for a SharePoint environment.

From starting services to backing up and restoring your SharePoint servers will be done through this page.

Click here to view the list of all settings and configurations that are to be configured and accessed via Central Administration and its sites.

In addition to the above sites, the Central Administration will be hosting the Shared Services Provider settings as well. these are a common set of settings which will be shared across your SharePoint.


The above information was requested by a friend of mine and and suggested that I blog it. Thank you for your idea 🙂 and i hope everyone who reads this will find it useful too.


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