Problem Steps Recorder

Windows 7 has one of the amazing features that I have used and this feature make my life very easier. It’s called the Problem Steps Recorder (PSR.EXE).

What does it do? If you are an IT Pro, many people will ask you to fix problems on their computersSmile (get on with it.. this is life), at times it will not be feasible for you to fix issues without remote access or looking at the issues on what’s happening on the screen.

When you type PSR on the instant search box, it will launch PSR tool through which you can record each click that you perform on the screen and the relevant step. The best part is that you can comment on these screen shots. Once it is done, PSR will compile all these in to a MHTML file and add to a zip file which will make it very smaller in size so that you can email the details.


‘’Do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered securely’’ IE 8 Warning

Actually I Experienced this issue while accessing a SharePoint site todaySmile

So why does this occur? when a HTTP based object, like a picture, is published on a HTTPS page Internet Explorer displays the following warning message dialog box before displaying the content.


Now the problem is that if you click yes here it will not show the picture and if you click no it will show. Since most of us don’t read the warning message fully will definitely click yes on the first instance Smile with tongue out

How do I fix this?

  • Open IE
  • Go  to Tools
  • Internet Options
  • Security
  • Security tab
  • Click Custom Level
  • Under the miscellaneous section change Display mixed content to Enable (by default its on prompt)

Disk Cleanup in Windows Server 2008

If you have a Windows Server 2008 installed, you will not find the Disk Cleanup utility by default. Even when you right click you’re my computer and right click any of the partitions, go into the properties page, still you will not get the option to run the disk cleanup utility.

Disk Cleanup is a feature which does not install on Windows Server 2008 by default like Windows Media Player, desktop themes etc.,

To enable and install these features,

  1. Open Server Manager
  2. Add Features
  3. Add the Desktop Experience Feature
  4. Restart the server

This should do the trick!

Windows 7 Tip 1

My notebook, most of the times will have more than about 10 windows opened on my desktop and at times its very crowded for me navigate through other programs, etc.

I find this shortcut very much useful for me when I want to minimize all my inactive windows. Just press Windows+Home which will minimize all other Windows except for the active Window. If you want to open them again press Windows+Home again and all the minimized Windows which were inactive will be restored.