Internet Explorer 9 Beta–What’s New?

Welcome to a more beautiful WEB, with Internet Explorer 9. Yes, IE9 really gives you the “WOW” which was missing all these days.

for the past 2 days I have been using IE9 – Beta and found that there are some notable changes than its previous versions.

  1. The Address bar, Tabs, etc has been cluttered in a manner so that we can have maximum space to view the websiteSmile – this is great
  2. The Address bar and the search box has been combined together. Now you have one box to type a URL or a search query
  3. Seamlessly integrates with Windows 7
  4. Favorites, homepage and other menu bar options have been moved to your right side of the screen
  5. All notifications appear at the bottom of the page so that it does not disturb your browsing experience

the above are some of the new features which I experienced. Please feel free to share yours. After all its all about sharingSmile

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