Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award

This is my very first personal post on my blog, everything that I have wrote up to now is with regard to some technology Microsoft has and working on.

Last week I got an email from Microsoft stating that I have been awarded with the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award under the Windows Desktop Experience Category. I take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been supporting me in several ways to achieve this, especially youSmile.

MVPs make exceptional contributions to technical communities, sharing their passion, knowledge, and know-how. Meanwhile, because MVPs hear the opinions and needs of many others in the technical community, they are well-placed to share highly focused feedback with Microsoft.

MVPs are independent experts who are offered a close connection with people at Microsoft. To acknowledge MVPs’ leadership and provide a platform to help support their efforts, Microsoft often gives MVPs early access to Microsoft products, as well as the opportunity to pass on their highly targeted feedback and recommendations about product design, development, and support.


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