Installing SharePoint 2010 Step by Step

Unlike the previous version of SharePoint, SharePoint 2010 has a lot of new features and has even improved in the installation process. Lets see on how to install SharePoint 2010 in a Server farm environment.

SharePoint 2010 was released by Microsoft as a X64 bit product only. So your physical or Virtual Server should support 64 bit computing and the base Operating System Should be a X64 bit Windows Server.

The prerequisites for SharePoint 2010 can be found here.

Once you have inserted the SharePoint 2010 DVD or mount the SharePoint 2010 ISO to a Virtual Server, It will start to Auto Play


The Server should have connectivity to the internet to make the installation more easier. Once the internet connectivity is established, click on the install software prerequisites link on the auto run splash screen. The prerequisite installation will commence and go on automatically. It will start downloading the necessary prerequisites and so on. (Because of this process you will not have to manually install the prerequisites like the previous versions)

Once the prerequisites are done, You can click on the Install SharePoint Server link on the auto run splash screen – as shown below


Once the Install SharePoint Server link is clicked, you will be prompted for the product key


Fill in the Product Key and click Continue


Accept the terms of the agreement and click continue


On this screen you will be asked to select the installation type. Whether it will be a Standalone (Single Server) Deployment or a Server Farm Deployment (scaled out to multiple servers such as frontend, backend server topologies). I will be selecting Server Farm as my SQL server is on another Physical Server.


On the Server Type we will be selecting the Complete option and click on the File Location tab


As a best practice, its better to install SharePoint on another Disk or Drive than the Operating System. hence I will be Installing my SharePoint on D:\ – Change the Drive and the path accordingly as shown above.

Click Install Now – the installation Begins and Finishes successfully.


Once the Installation is done Successfully, the next screen will be as similar to the above which will prompt to run the SharePoint Products and Configuration Wizard. Once you enable the check box and click close, the configuration wizard will start. I will cover the configuration wizard on another post.

Until the configuration wizard is executed successfully the installation will not be 100%.

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