Missing Screenshots in Problem Steps Recorder (PSR.EXE)

Like most of the IT Pro’s I too use PSR to capture screenshots for troubleshooting, documenting, blogging and other tasks which require to capture a series of screenshots. Most of the times when I use PSR I have been facing an issue. Once the recording is done and the file has been saved, when I open the .mht file most of the screenshot at the beginning will be missing and the one’s at last will be displayed.

You may have a message on the missing screenshot as “No screenshots were saved for this problem step”. The reason for this is that by default, PSR only saves the last 25 screenshots to help reduce the size of the capture file. If you require to capture more than 25 screenshots you may increase this number (to a maximum of 100)

  • To Increase, Open PSR with elevated rights, click on the highlighted arrow and select Settings


  • Change from number of recent screen captures 25 to a maximum of 100.


26 thoughts on “Missing Screenshots in Problem Steps Recorder (PSR.EXE)

    • I am having a diff problem. It says it saves the screen shot but there is this little icon that doesn’t open instead of the image

  1. That fixed part of my problem. I changed it to 100. I only created 50 steps but it’s still missing about dozen screen captures. Seems like it doesn’t capture images of Windows Explorer and a few other apps even when running as admin.

  2. I’m using PSR professionally , need to know how can I increase the screen captures for more than 400 images ?

  3. Hi Sangram,
    The PSR utility can only have 100 printshots. The 101st printshot will replace the 1st Printshot. but the descriptions will remain.

  4. Thanks – that works. Just two things: (1) At least on Windows 8.1, elevated rights are not necessary. (2) Unfortunately, it does not keep the modified setting (neither with nor without elevated rights). Upon each start, you’ll have to changes the max. number of screen shots again.

  5. Hi there, does it také screenshots from MS Excel? I opened saved file, and all I see is “tehre are no screenshots for this step” 😦

  6. OK, PowerPoint and Excel has to be adjusted in Options/Add-Ins/. Problem solved after activating PowerView in Excel settings.
    Now it works 😉

  7. does any one had a issue where the MHTA file generated does not have any captures snapshot. file gets generated but nothing in it

  8. Go to HELL stupid 25 limit for prints as pre configuration!
    Only After use the record function you realize that sucks.

  9. Can someone help me identify the problem in PSR, i tried all the suggestions but still it does’nt record all the steps just the starting of videos then the end part. pls help

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