Windows 8 Hyper-V Requirements

According to the Official Blog post by Microsoft to have Hyper-V on an upcoming Windows 8 Operating System you will need to meet certain requirements.

One of the requirements for Hyper-V is that it requires a 64-bit system that has Second Level Address Translation (SLAT). This is a feature that the current processors comes along with.

How do we check whether our existing systems/processors support this feature? this is the ultimate question

According to this blog Intel and AMD have different types of SLAT, Intel calls this Enhanced Page Tables (EPT) and AMD calls it as Nested Page Tables (NPT).

Microsoft Sysinternals has a tool called Coreinfo which can be downloaded here, using this tool we can view whether our processors support either one of EPT or NPT depending on the processor make.

Once you download the Coreinfo, extract the software to your C: drive. Open command prompt and navigate C:\ and type Coreinfo.exe –v

This command will give you whether your processor supports EPT or NPT 


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