Windows 8 Advanced Boot Options

Unlike the previous versions of Windows, Windows 8 Consumer Preview does not boot in to the Advanced Boot Options menu when you hit F8 while the computer is booting up.

A traditional Windows Advanced Boot Options looks as below,


In Windows 8, one will have to access the Advanced Boot Options Menu through the new “Metro” style Environment which also consists of a series of other troubleshooting tools. Traditionally the advanced boot option menu provides a list of tools and some modes in which Windows will start up with minimal and important files and processes. Both these tools and start up modes are used to troubleshoot PC’s which has issues, especially starting up issues. One such mode which is widely used is the “Safe Mode”.

With Windows 8, if you try hitting the F8 key to enter in to the Advanced Boot Options menu, you will be utterly disappointed. Instead press Shift+F8, which load a richer and sophisticated Metro style environment which is the gateway for the Advanced Boot Options.

How to start Advanced Boot options in Windows 8

Press Shift+F8 while the computer is booting, it will start loading


The Recovery page opens


Click on See advanced repair options


Click on Troubleshoot


Two new features introduced in Windows 8,

1) Refresh your PC

2) Reset your PC

These two features are like a Soft Reset and a Hard Reset of your phone. If you have issues with your Windows 8 PC, with a few clicks you can either do a refresh (installs a fresh Windows 8 OS and restores your data and apps) or you can Reset your PC (which is like a factory reset, it will format the drive and install the OS)

Click on Advanced Options


Advanced troubleshooting tools, used in different occasions to trouble shoot various issues

Click on Windows Startup Settings


Click Restart


This will load the Advanced Boot Options and some of the Windows Startup Modes such as Safe Mode, which will help us to troubleshoot our PC’s much more efficiently and effectively.

One thought on “Windows 8 Advanced Boot Options

  1. advanced boot option and windows startup modes as safe mode will be help to fix problem in this Pcs troubleshoot.thanks us

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