Windows 8, Screenshot (Tip)

In the previous versions of Windows to capture a screen shot, we had to use either a third party tool or do multiple clicks and steps to capture and save a screenshot, often referred to as a “print screen” or a “print shot”. In Windows Vista, life was made easier when Microsoft introduced the “Snipping Tool”. Using the snipping tool one can easily snip anything from the screen, save it, copy it or email it directly from the application.

In Windows 8 Consumer Preview, Microsoft has included the “snipping tool” as well as another keyboard shortcut which allows us to take a print screen and automatically save it as a PNG file within the My Pictures folder. Now how cool is that?

When you press the Window Key+PrtSC key, a PNG file is automatically saved which will be named as Screenshot (1), Screenshot (2)….

Go on and try it now and share your thoughts

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