Windows 8 App Groups

One thing that I noticed after installing Windows 8 Consumer Preview is that, all the Apps and Software that I have installed are not organized.

In Windows 8, you can not only group the Apps and Program you have installed rather you can name those groups as well.

This is how my screen looks like before grouping


The more applications and programs I install I have more icons on this screen and by default it looks a lot messy, especially when its non metro apps or programs.

You can click and drag the icons to group specific programs and you can pin and unpin from these apps form the start screen by right clicking on top of it.


If you want to create a new column, to group your apps, move/drag any app horizontally until you see a grey bar on which you may  drop the tile which will create a new grid.


Once you have created you grids/columns and moved/dragged/arranged your apps, now its time to name the groups. Click on the magnifying glass icon in the bottom right corner of the screen (on the scroll bar), and this will zoom out the apps from your screen. Now in this mode, you can move around the apps in group, select as a group and name them

Screenshot (29)

After grouping and naming, this is how my start screen looks like, which is much more organized.

Screenshot (31)

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