The new Task Manager in Windows 8

Windows Task Manager is one of the utility that most of the us use in our day to day life to troubleshoot or monitor our computers.

In Windows 8, The task manager has got a new facelift and has a lot of additional features to help us.

When you open task manager in Windows 8, it looks very simple as per the picture below


From this view, we can simply see what are the applications that are opened and it will indicate if any of these are “Not Responding” which you can terminate by clicking on End Task.

When you click on the “More details” arrow it gets more interesting


All the processes that runs on the computer are displayed under the Process Tab and in Windows 8, its categorized. You will be able to see what are the Application Processes, Background Processes and Windows Processes. The Process Tab contains a Heat Map, the more higher resources are being utilized the color will turn in to red, the above picture shows more in to a lighter yellow color which means that its not that dangerous Smile . If you are not sure of a process you can right click on top of it and select the option “search online” which will open up the default browser and help you find more info with regards to that process.

The Performance tab has been included with the details of CPU, Memory, Disk, WiFi and Ethernet. It gives a very good insight on how each of these components are performing.


The other tabs App History, which gives an insight on the Apps that has been used, the Startup tab shows on the services/applications that are being enabled and disabled during startup, the User tab shows the logged in users resource utilization, and so on.

Simply the new task Manager gives more information and is organized for us to work better and have a better computing experience.

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