Who am I command

In Windows, if you want to find out the username and the domain used to login

Open Command Prompt

type whoami

You will get the domain\username


Windows 8 Release Preview

Microsoft released the Windows 8 Release Preview last week which can be downloaded from here and the ISO formats from here

While installing Windows 8 Release Preview, there were some changes which I noted during the installation comparing to the previous Consumer Preview release.

The “Beta Fish” logo is no more and has been replaced with a clean “Windows” text which actually looks nice


The “Which type of installation screen” has some changes

The following screen (is how it looked in Consumer Preview)

2 before

This is how it looks like in the Release Preview


The following is the “Personalize” screen on how it was in the Consumer Preview

3 Before

This is how it looks like in the Release Preview


These are only the changes during the Installation of Windows 8 Release Preview.