Installing Microsoft Office 2013 Preview

The following are the steps to Install Microsoft Office 2013 preview

before installation you will need

  • Windows live ID
  • Windows 7 or Windows 8


Screenshot (34)

Click Sign Up

Screenshot (35)

Click on Try Now

Screenshot (36)

Click Get Started

Screenshot (37)

Click Continue

Screenshot (38)

Processing Setting Up Account

Screenshot (39)

Click on install and the web installer will be downloaded (by default the 32bit version will be downloaded, if you need the x64 bit then close the prompted screen

Screenshot (40) 

Click on the Language and Install options to select the x64bit and download the web installer and execute. It will grab the details from your Live ID

Select your style and click next

Screenshot (29)

Information on SkyDrive, click next

Screenshot (30)

While things are getting ready at the background, you can either take a tour to look at the new stuff or click no thanks to proceed with the installation

Screenshot (31)

Installation has started

Screenshot (32)

Upon finishing the installation, I opened up my Outlook and it was mind blowing

Screenshot (33)

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