Reset your forgotten Windows password

What do you do when you forget your admin or user account password in Windows (non domain joined, workgroup based Windows computers). It’s easy to reset your password without logging in to Windows.

In the following post we will see on how to reset your user account password in Windows without logging into Windows.

Windows 7 logging error


One of the ways we can reset the password without logging into Windows is using the Net User cmdlet. The question here is how do we use Command Prompt if we can’t logging to Windows?

See the Ease of Access icon on the logging screen?


When you click the Ease of Access button, you get the below options by default.


Now our target is to overwrite the Ease of Access executable file with command prompt executable file.

Boot computer with a Windows 7 media or USB and click next


Select Repair Your Computer Option


Click on the Operating System and Click Next (please note the Drive letter where the OS is installed, in this case its D:\)


Select and click on the Command Prompt


Type the following command in the command prompt window

Copy D:\Windows\System32\utilman.exe D:\

This command will backup/copy the utilman.exe program (ease of access)


Now type the following command

Copy D:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe D:\Windows\System32\utilman.exe

Press enter and it will give you an overwrite message, type Y and enter

This command will replace the utilman.exe with cmd.exe


Exit Command prompt and restart the computer


Now when you click the Ease of Access button on the Windows logging screen the command prompt will start instead of the previous Window


Type the following command to list all the local user accounts in the Computer

Net User


Type the following command to reset the password for a particular user name

Net User username password

(username and password to be replaced with actual details. For this case I am resetting the passwords for user account Akfash with the password of password)


Close command prompt and type in the new password


Successfully logged into Windows


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