Windows 10 Technical Preview–Start Button

With the new version of Windows “Windows 10” the familiar start menu and the traditional start button functionality is back. Although the representation of the start menu is visually enhanced than the previous versions of Windows, the concept is similar.

The new start menu consists an area in which you can personalize with live tiles. the start button provides access to a search box as well. When you are querying the result are derived from the local computer and also from the web.

Start Button

Kernel for Windows Data Recovery

PHEW!!!! Thank god for Kernel Data Recovery, an awesome tool which saved my day.

I was working on a presentation for a client, the PPT had already reached about 21 slides when the catastrophe happened . Suddenly my computer threw a BSOD and restarted. I logged in to my computer after the restart and could not access my data hard drive. At that point it was obvious that my data hard drive was corrupted with all my important data. Honestly I was terrified on what to do, although most of my files were backed up to my OneDrive, there were some files in which I had new versions and some other new project related files which was not backed up. I tried a few recovery software and failed until I found a Kernel for Windows Data Recovery.

A simple yet a sophisticated tool which was very easy to use and get the job done. Kernel has a wide range of data recovery tools ranging from data recovery from client computers (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.) to data recovery of emails (OST, PST, Exchange Server, etc.).

The user interface was very simple any layman could operate and perform a complexed task such as recovering data from a corrupted or damaged hard drive.

1) Simple Interface of the software, depicting the multiple scan options which can be accessed easily


2) Displaying the available hard drives/storage to be selected for scan


3) Details of the selected hard drive


4) The software scans the selected hard drive to recover files


5) list of files which are found and needs to be selected and clicked on the recover button on the top. This process recovers the files that was deleted


The URL for the product is 

ps: I could not include the actual screen shots of the recovery I made since I did not take them during the recovery.