Create a Virtual Machine in Microsoft Azure

One of the functionalities of Microsoft Azure is to work as a Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform where virtual machines can be created and hosted. In this post we will look at how to create virtual machines in Azure.

Sign in to with your credential which has a Microsoft Azure subscription tied on to.


Click on Virtual Machines and click on Add


Select the type of virtual machine that needs to be created. In this case I will select a Windows based machine


Select the version of Windows. I will be selecting Windows 10


You can select a deployment model whether it would be managed by Resource Manager (VM v2) or Classic (VM v1) and click Create.


Fill in the relevant details and click OK


Select the machine size. You can view the pricing information from the same screen and click select.


Optional settings are to be selected and click OK


Verify the summary and click OK to create the Virtual Machine


The deployment will start and the dashboard will display the progress


By clicking the virtual machines link the status can be viewed of the machines that is being created


To connect to the machine that is created, click on the machine name to view the detail page and click on connect


The Virtual machine will be connected through remote desktop connection


Once connected the machine can be accessed


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