Retrieve the Wi-Fi password using CMD

It is always easier to get the Wi-Fi password of a CONNECTED network using the GUI. But how do we retrieve a password of a disconnected or an old Wi-Fi connection? The following article will describe on how to use the Netsh command to view the password in clear text.

Open Command Prompt in Admin Mode


Type in the following Netsh command to find all the Wireless LAN profiles stored and created in your computer

Netsh wlan show profile

The below picture shows the list of all the profiles and I have circled the profile of which I wanted to retrieve the password of.


Once you have decided on the profile of which you want to retrieve the password, type in the following command

Netsh wlan show profile mvp2015 key-clear

In this command mvp2015 is the Wi-Fi profile name


The text mentioned along side Key Content is the password f the Wi-FI connection

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