Windows 10 Metered Connections

It’s a known fact that this is a digital era where internet is something equivalent to oxygen we breath. The first thing we do when we go to a new place is search for mobile data connectivity or WiFi connectivity. Internet has become an important aspect to people as well as organizations. But on the other hand, many ISP’s around the world have introduced data caps on the bandwidth consumption by the consumers.

Considering this Microsoft Windows 10, which is designed for a world with internet, comes with a setting called metered connections. By enabling this setting or feature, Windows 10 will limit the bandwidth usage and will stop auto downloads of Windows and app updates, disconnect some applications which use internet heavily, some live tiles my stop getting updates, etc.

Usually you would enable this feature on internet connectivity which has a bandwidth cap, mobile data, or any other connectivity option which is slow and has a limit.

To enable;

Click on properties of the WiFi network connected


Enable Set as metered connection


Similarly any number of networks connected could be set as a metered connection by following the above steps.

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