Turn off Windows updates in Windows 10

Although I do not recommend this and strongly against turning off Windows updates, I am writing this to the people out their who know what the impact is by disabling Windows updates.

Windows updates is the feature which helps your computers and devices to stay up to date with hot fixes, patches and more importantly with security updates. As an when a loophole, a backdoor or any issue is found, it is through Windows update the patches and solutions are sent by Microsoft. Furthermore, with Windows 10, new features and new builds of the operating systems which are tested by the Windows insiders are also sent through Windows Updates.

The previous versions of Windows, had an option for the users to select to disable Windows updates through the control panel. This option is not available with Windows 10. Windows 10 by default does not allow any option to disable windows update. But there are a few workarounds for this.

Option 1

Setting the network connection as a metered connection. Refer this article to see how to set a network connection as a metered connection.

Option 2

Disabling the Windows update service

Open run => Services.msc => double click Windows Update service


Drop down the startup type and select disabled and click ok


Option 3

Use group policy

Open run => type gpedit.msc => Computer Configuration => Administrative templates => Windows components =>. Windows update => double click Configure Automatic Updates


You may select the necessary settings accordingly and enforce the group policy

Once again, although these options are available, my personal opinion is that Windows updates should be enabled and computers and devices should be updated.

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