Windows as a Service

With the release of Windows 10, it was discussed in many forums that this would be the final version of Windows. Well, although this has been discussed, in my opinion this would not be the final version of Windows rather, this would be the final number after the word Windows.

With every other organization & software moving towards an “as-a-service” model, Microsoft also is moving its core Windows product to the same model. Yes, as part of the Windows-as-a-Service (WaaS) model, Microsoft is currently offering the Windows Enterprise version as a monthly subscription based model along with bundling EMS and Office 365. Thinking about this now, it all makes sense.

Unlike the old days, where one has to wait for few years to get their hands on to a new version of Windows to enjoy all the new features, today, in this demanding world Microsoft provides two major updates per year and these updates includes new features and functionalities. These feature upgrades are offered through Windows updates. Earlier version of Windows had beta releases and then technical previews before the final version of Windows to be shipped. Through this method, Microsoft collected all the necessary feedbacks and bugs and fixed before the final release shipment. Windows the introduction of Windows 10, the Windows Insider community was born. Microsoft releases all the new features as and when its developed to the Windows Insiders and they provide the necessary feedback. Similarly, in the old days another issue was application compatibility moving from one version of Windows to another. But Windows 10 is compatible with almost all the applications and hardware and since all the new updates planned to be released 2 times a year and it will be based on the core Windows 10 platform, it is very unlikely that there would be a compatibility issue.

if you want to become a Windows Insider and enjoy all the new features, please visit

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