How to create a team in Microsoft Teams

As per my earlier post there are may things that could be done in Microsoft Teams. most importantly you can create a team and add members and start communicating and collaborating with each other and as a group.

Teams, could be access through the web browser, desktop app or using the mobile app. to access Microsoft Teams;

  • Sign in to your Office 365 Portal
  • Click on the app launcher
  • Click on Teams


From the Teams web access you can download the desktop app or/and the mobile app. The mobile app can be downloaded from the relevant mobile app stores as well.


As the first step, lets look at how to create a team and add members.

  • Click on Teams from the side bar
  • Select Add team from the bottom of the app


  • Click on create team


  • Provide the team with a name (this is mandatory). the description field is optional and it is recommended to have a description so that it has an explanation on the purpose of the team when others are invited to join.
  • There are 2 types of Privacy settings
    • Private Team – it is only visible to the team owner and team members and only invited/added members can join the team.
    • Public Team – This is visible to anyone and everyone within the organization. As long as a user within your organization, they can see the team and they can join.
  • After selecting the relevant privacy click next


  • Team members can be added by typing in their names and by clicking add.
  • As the owner/creator of the team, you have the authority to make any user a member or the owner of the team.
  • once done click close and your team is created


  • Team created where you can start to chat, create new meeting, share content, etc.


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