Windows 10 Find My Device

In a mobile first cloud first world, people have started using mobile devices with various operating systems. One such OS is Windows 10. Windows 10 is designed to run on all hardware platforms from Desktops to tablets to Mobile devices. With the increase usage of mobile devices the amount of data/information stored on mobile devices has increased. These data/information range from sensitive corporate information to personal information. In the event that someone loses or misplaces the mobile device which runs Windows 10, how do you find it?

Windows 10 has a feature called Find my device. How do you activate it?

Start => settings =? Update & Security => Find my device


Click on Change and slide the slider to On


If the device is misplaced, to find the device, go to

Sign in using the Microsoft Account used to login to the device

Scroll down to find the device, if you have multiple devices and click on find my device


It will use Bing maps to find the location of the device and show it in the map


Based on the device, if it’s a Windows phone, you can even erase the content


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