Windows 10 Snip & Sketch

The latest update for Windows 10 is here with a lot of new features. The update which was called “Redstone 5” while under development is now called the “Windows 10 October 2018 Update”. This is the first major update in the Microsoft FY19 H1 and the second major update for calendar year 2018 (after the April 2018 Update).

One of the notable feature, is the new and enhanced snipping tool called “Snip and Sketch”. During the development builds this feature was called “Screen Sketch”. After the October 2018 update when you open the Sniping tool the following message is prompted notifying users that there is a newer tool.


The new snip and sketch can be opened through the start menu,


The tool has many new functionalities compared to the snipping tool.


The tool supports to delay capture, by clicking “new” the 2 delay capture options can be selected


Further, the tool supports on touch writing, you can select the respective colors, erase, ruler and crop image. Once the snip is taken and the snip is ready to be shared it can be accomplished directly from the tool.


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