Windows Server 2019–Windows Admin Center

Windows Server 2019 is Microsoft newly released Server operating system. The OS has several new features and one of the add-ons that is introduced to the OS is the Windows Admin Center.

Windows Admin Center is locally deployed, browser based management tool of your local servers as well as remote servers which can be connected. Why is this important? In the past we had several different MMC snap ins to manage different administrative and management tasks. Now, with the Windows Admin Center you have everything in one central webpage that can be connected from anywhere and manage your servers.

How do we get it? it’s a separate download that has to be installed on the server. After you deploy Windows Server 2019 and open the server manager, an alert will be prompted on the new Windows Admin Center. Click on the clink and it will take you to the download page


Click on get it here


Execute the downloaded file and click I Accept and click next


Click on the recommended option and click next


Enable check box and click next


Type in the port number (if you are not sure leave the default) and if you have a SSL certificate you can provide that too. Click install


Installation will progress and upon completion will prompt you the finish screen with the link to access the Windows Admin Center


Note that the Admin Center will only work on Modern browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Chrome, etc. the local sever will be automatically added to the Windows Admin Center and you can add any other remote servers through the add button


Click add and you will be able to see other options to add servers


When you have added the necessary servers and click on the server name you can see all the management tasks that could be performed through the Windows Admin Center


2 thoughts on “Windows Server 2019–Windows Admin Center

  1. How can I tell if someone else has admin access (or other access) to my computer? Please understand that, while I am not dumb, I am often baffled by the particulars of this issue. How would I know if someone else could access my computer remotely? How does one learn about these things? Unfortunately, I am in a position where I am completely vulnerable because I have always relied on someone else to take of my technology devices (computer, iPhone, etc). Please advise.

    • Hi Amy, it all depends on how well you computer is protected with the necessary anti malware and other protection such as firewall. All these protection needs to be updated. If you are in a corporate/enterprise environment there would be such technologies in place and you do not have to be worried. In a corporate/Enterprise environment if at all the admin is using some tool to log in to your PC for support or any other maintenance remotely, it will give you a prompt stating some one is longing in or requesting for control etc. In my opinion nothing is 100% secure, so its better you have an idea what is been installed in your computer when you give it to someone else to maintain/support.

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