Windows 10 Activity History

Have you ever faced a situation where you don’t remember the file name or the website you were referring a week ago and you really wanted to open it now? I have experienced it multiple times. So I started using session buddy on Chrome for my website browsing history. But there wasn’t a solution that I used for files that were stored on my computer, etc.

Microsoft has a new feature on Windows 10 called Activity History which addresses this issue. how cool is that?

If you remember, one of the key highlights when Windows 10 released was the multiple desktops and task view features. The same, Task View button on the task bar takes you to a Windows which has all the history of the applications and websites that you opened for the past 1 month.



Detailed information related to activity history is published here.

To enable or disable Activity History, do the following

1) Open Settings

2) Privacy

3) click on Activity History


Enable or disable the check boxes according to your requirement and select the accounts that you need the activity history that needs to be enabled.

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