Windows Sandbox

Today technology has grown so much that more than half of Worlds population has access to the internet. The Internet is also a great source for billions of different apps and applications that are available for download. Users are able to download these apps and applications and install on there devices which gives way to new issues such as malware related security issues. The source of these apps and applications has to be verified before installation on devices to avoid these issues. The best way to test is to install it on a test system and see if its harmless and then install it on the production machine.

As a solution for this process, Microsoft introduced a new feature in Windows 10 called Windows Sandbox, which provides a clean environment of Windows to install and test. also its an environment developers can take advantage of in testing their codes and newly developed applications.

How to enable Windows 10 Sandbox?

Open Control Panel and click on Programs


Click Turn Windows Features on or Off


Scroll down and select Windows Sandbox


Click OK and the required files will be installed


restart your computer


open Start and type Sandbox


Click on Windows Sandbox to open


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