Windows 10 Dynamic Lock

Have you ever wondered or have that creepy though going in your mind if you locked your Windows 10 PC/device? Now Windows 10 has a “cool” feature called Dynamic Lock which helps you lock your Windows 10 automatically even if you forget.

The feature works with your smart phone/blue tooth enabled phone connected to your Windows 10 and when the device goes out of range from Windows 10, it will automatically lock the computer. For me this is a great feature and gives you confidence where ever you go that your Windows 10 will be locked and safe.

How do you configure Dynamic Lock?

Connect your phone to your Windows 10 using Blue Tooth

Go to settings and click on Accounts and click on Sign-in Options


Enable the checkbox “Allow Windows to Automatically lock your device when you’re away” and you are done.


When you device is out of range your computer will lock on its own.

Similar settings such as locking your computer automatically can be configured through the screensaver time out settings and through Active Directory Group Policy settings.

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