Office 365 OneDrive for Business Storage Enhancement

One of the components of Microsoft Office 365 is OneDrive for Business. Which is a cloud storage solution with a 1TB of storage space by default. Although 1TB is been enabled by default for users, this could be enhanced up to 5TB.

This could be achieved using the GUI as well as PowerShell.

Log in to the Office 365 Admin Portal and click on OneDrive Admin Center


Click on storage => edit the storage limit with the value required (maximum up to 5TB) and click save


Outlook 2016 doesn’t fully synchronize your Exchange mailbox

Recently I reinstalled Windows 10 on my computer and on top of Windows, I installed Microsoft Office 2016.

When I setup my email on Outlook 2016, I noticed that only part of my emails which is on my Exchange mailbox had synchronized with my Outlook. This was not the case before where all my mails use to synch and due to this the search operations especially on older emails were a bit slow.

After some research I found out its due to the fact that Outlook has a behavior where it limits the emails to be synched considering the hard disk space when you are setting up a cached Exchange mode mailbox.

In order to increase this;

Open Outlook => File => drop down Account settings => select Account settings => Under email select the email account and click on change.


Move the slider according to the timeline you require and click next and finish.


Once done, your emails will start to synch and download.

Integrate your Twitter account with Yammer

This is something I have been wanting to do ever since I started to use Yammer – The enterprise social networking platform by Microsoft. The main objective for me by achieving this is to update my twitter and automatically all my other social networking sites including Microsoft Yammer will be updated with the same updates. Although there maybe several 3rd party utilities available for this, but I want it the native way.

To achieve the integration between Twitter and Yammer,

  • Update your Yammer profile with your twitter account
  • Click on your user name


  • Click on edit profile


  • On the edit profile page, under the contact section make sure you enter your twitter user name


  • Click Save
  • Once you have done the above, the next time you tweet use the #yam hash tag with your tweets and it will be automatically displayed in your yammer profile