Microsoft Teams–Mobile App Schedule Events

Microsoft Teams, is known as the fastest growing business app in Microsoft history (source). Teams, provides a true collaboration experience ever since it was released. It helps organizations to centralize IM, Video and Audio conferencing, file sharing, co-authoring, etc. Teams has both a desktop version and a mobile app for it to be accessed anywhere using any device.

Although the desktop version has been a complete one, the mobile app had a vital feature missing, which was the ability to create meeting requests or schedule events. With the recent update in October 2018, this has been solved  (release notes).

Android App



After (Click on the icon marked in red)


iOS App



After (Click on the icon marked in red)


How to set Microsoft Teams as chat app in Microsoft Office

Microsoft integrated Skype for Business with Microsoft Office to have a fully integrated collaboration and communication productivity suite. This integration has been available for quite sometime and through this users are able to initiate instant messaging communication, audio and video calls from within Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, etc. and collaborate with their peers.

With the introduction of Microsoft Teams, more and more organizations are moving in to teams to start communicating and collaborating with peers. Teams gives much more rich features and functionalities compared to Microsoft Skype for Business.

Now lets look at how we could change the default chat application in Microsoft office applications from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams.

Open Teams


Select the below highlighted checkbox


Restart your Office applications. Open Outlook and click on a contact card and start IM


Integrate Microsoft Planner with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams allows us to integrate with many other applications. This includes a number of third party applications as well. Because of these integrations and availability of apps, in my opinion Teams is being transformed as a collaborative platform. It provides a single window or the user to access all his collaborative and communication tasks.

How to add Planner within a Team


By clicking on the + sign (highlighted on the above image) all the related apps that could be added within Teams will be displayed.

Click on Planner


Since there is already a planner in this Team it prompts an option to use the existing planner or I can create a new planner. Give a name to the planner. I have used Test Planner as the name

Click Save


Using the planner, one can add multiple tasks and assign resources and dead lines to each task. Adding a task is simple, just type in the task name and press enter. by clicking on the + sign you can add new tasks or click on add tasks to add new tasks.

By clicking add new bucket it will create different categories or subjects or topics under which tasks can be created and assigned.


The above image displays that I have created three different buckets and created tasks and assigned them accordingly.

The best part of using planner is that you can have a chart/report view of the overall task assignment and the progress. But unfortunately that view is not through Teams but rather through the Office 365 Portal.


Clicking on the highlighted icon will take you to the planner web portal through which you can click on charts and view the summary.


The Planner Hub is much more interesting, it will give a summary of all the Planners that are associated with the Teams that you are a member of and added as favorite.


How to create a team in Microsoft Teams

As per my earlier post there are may things that could be done in Microsoft Teams. most importantly you can create a team and add members and start communicating and collaborating with each other and as a group.

Teams, could be access through the web browser, desktop app or using the mobile app. to access Microsoft Teams;

  • Sign in to your Office 365 Portal
  • Click on the app launcher
  • Click on Teams


From the Teams web access you can download the desktop app or/and the mobile app. The mobile app can be downloaded from the relevant mobile app stores as well.


As the first step, lets look at how to create a team and add members.

  • Click on Teams from the side bar
  • Select Add team from the bottom of the app


  • Click on create team


  • Provide the team with a name (this is mandatory). the description field is optional and it is recommended to have a description so that it has an explanation on the purpose of the team when others are invited to join.
  • There are 2 types of Privacy settings
    • Private Team – it is only visible to the team owner and team members and only invited/added members can join the team.
    • Public Team – This is visible to anyone and everyone within the organization. As long as a user within your organization, they can see the team and they can join.
  • After selecting the relevant privacy click next


  • Team members can be added by typing in their names and by clicking add.
  • As the owner/creator of the team, you have the authority to make any user a member or the owner of the team.
  • once done click close and your team is created


  • Team created where you can start to chat, create new meeting, share content, etc.


Microsoft Teams: An Introduction

In todays world where organizations strive to embrace digital transformation to have a competitive edge over its competitors, IT giants like Microsoft have introduced many different products to complement this journey. products such as Office 365, Skype for Business, SharePoint, Azure are some of the products which accepted by enterprises globally and are leaders in the Gartner magic quadrant in its respective solution areas.

Recently Microsoft released a communication and collaboration product on its Office 365 productivity platform called Teams. As the name sounds this gives a true experience for teams within an organization to work productively by communicating and collaborating efficiently. Today, teams within organizations are located at different geographical locations at times and members of the teams might not be in office to attend discussions and meetings, etc. products such as Microsoft Teams works as a collaboration and communication platform to connect teams within the organization where ever they are.

So what is teams; it is a chat based workspace which brings employees (people), conversations and content in to one place which helps everyone who are part of that teams workspace to access and find content in one place and more easily. Teams by default integrates with Microsoft Office applications.

With the tight integration with Skype, Microsoft Teams provides a rich chat environment, audio, video conferencing and act as a platform to host meetings. The content within teams would be encrypted and secured as the information shared would be highly confidential.

For further information please click HERE