Windows 10 Inside Preview Build 17074 – Task View

The latest preview build released by Microsoft for Windows 10 which can be installed by the Windows Insiders has some new features. This would most probably be part of the Redstone 4 Major update target to be released this Spring 2018.

One of the notable enhancement is the Task View feature. Starting for the change of the icon on the task bar.


Once the new Task View icon is clicked, the user interface has changed.

The creation of new desktop (virtual desktop) has been placed at the top left hand corner and a new scroll bar is been incorporated to view the active applications.



How to get the Windows 10 Redstone 4 Preview Build?

After the fall creators update released last year, the next major update for Windows 10 code named Redstone 4 will be released in the next couple of months. Usually the major updates contain many new features.

If you are brave enough and would like to try the Redstone 4 preview build which is not the final version, you can enroll in to the Windows Insider ( program.

After you enroll in to the Windows Insider program there are some steps on your Windows 10 Device hat you will have to configure in order to receive the latest build.

Click on Settings => Update & Security => Windows Insider Program and click on Get Started


Click on the Link an Account + sign and provide the account which you used to enroll in to the Windows Insider Program


Select your Windows Insider Account and click Continue


From the dropdown select Active development of Windows and click Confirm


Select Fast from the drop down and click confirm


Read the Privacy Statement and Windows Insiders Agreement and click confirm


As the final step click Restart now


After successful configuration it will look similar to the below


After the restart of the computer, Click on Settings => Updates & Security => Windows Update. The latest Windows build will start to download (at times it may take some time for the preview build to display)


Microsoft Edge – Set Aside Tabs

devices which are connected to the internet are increasing day by day. With the increase of these devices, users browsing the internet is also increasing. Browsing the internet requires a Web browser and the latest web browser released by Microsoft is called Edge. Edge is the default browser in Windows 10 (it can be changed). One of the features of Microsoft edge is to set aside your browsing session aside. That is when you start opening tabs related to a search or browsing session in Edge, automatically there would be many tabs open at times. You can set aside these tabs to refer later and open new tabs within the same browser session to start fresh. By setting aside the tabs, you can restore them later.

By clicking on the below highlighted icon on Edge the current tabs opened will be set aside


By clicking on the below highlighted icon you will be able to see the tabs which are set aside and restore them as and when you need


How to remove the My People icon from the Taskbar

Windows 10 Creators update provided a new feature where you can pin up to 3 contacts to our task bar. With the introduction of this feature by default windows has the below icon displayed in the task bar.

Many of my friends requested on how to remove this icon and if you are also interested on how to remove this icon from your task bar, follow the below steps

Open Settings and Click on Personalization


Click Taskbar


Scroll down and switch the Show Contacts on Taskbar option


Microsoft Edge Tab Preview

One of the improvements that Microsoft’s all new browser, Microsoft Edge has been provided with is the tab preview.

With more than a billion internet websites hosted, in todays world anyone and everyone who uses internet has a habit of opening many tabs in a single web browser session. in the old days, there was no possibility to have multiple tabs in one web browser session. But over a period of time the need of having multiple tabs arose and almost all the modern browsers supports on having multiple tabs per session. But the only way to see what is in each tab is to physically click on every tab to see the content.

The Microsoft Edge browser gives a solution for this by introducing the “Tab Preview” feature.

The tab preview can be seen by clicking on the small down arrow head next to the + add new tab icon on the edge browser.


Once you click on the down arrow head a preview pane below the tab is opened and it can be scrolled side ways to view all the opened tabs.


My People in Windows 10

With the fall creators update Microsoft released a whole bunch of new features. One of the interesting feature is to pin three of your most frequently contacted or important people to your taskbar. Through this it makes it easier to start an email conversation or even make a Skype call with just a click form your task bar.

With the update, there will be a new icon on the task bar.


By clicking on the icon it opens all the contacts synced to the people app in Windows 10 and it helps to search and pin up to three contact you click to your taskbar.


Click on the pinned contacts will provide easy contacting options for those contacts


Windows as a Service

With the release of Windows 10, it was discussed in many forums that this would be the final version of Windows. Well, although this has been discussed, in my opinion this would not be the final version of Windows rather, this would be the final number after the word Windows.

With every other organization & software moving towards an “as-a-service” model, Microsoft also is moving its core Windows product to the same model. Yes, as part of the Windows-as-a-Service (WaaS) model, Microsoft is currently offering the Windows Enterprise version as a monthly subscription based model along with bundling EMS and Office 365. Thinking about this now, it all makes sense.

Unlike the old days, where one has to wait for few years to get their hands on to a new version of Windows to enjoy all the new features, today, in this demanding world Microsoft provides two major updates per year and these updates includes new features and functionalities. These feature upgrades are offered through Windows updates. Earlier version of Windows had beta releases and then technical previews before the final version of Windows to be shipped. Through this method, Microsoft collected all the necessary feedbacks and bugs and fixed before the final release shipment. Windows the introduction of Windows 10, the Windows Insider community was born. Microsoft releases all the new features as and when its developed to the Windows Insiders and they provide the necessary feedback. Similarly, in the old days another issue was application compatibility moving from one version of Windows to another. But Windows 10 is compatible with almost all the applications and hardware and since all the new updates planned to be released 2 times a year and it will be based on the core Windows 10 platform, it is very unlikely that there would be a compatibility issue.

if you want to become a Windows Insider and enjoy all the new features, please visit