Changes in Windows Updates

The recent Windows 10 build for insiders has some changes to the Windows updates. With these changes, now users are able to pause the update for a specific time period. One can pause the updates to from installing for up to 7 days.


By clicking on the advanced options, one can further refine the time period for pausing updates


The change also includes the option to set active hours. When you set the active hours (which is the time one typically uses the device), Windows will not automatically restart during that time period.


The active hours will be enabled when you toggle the slider to On


the default active hours is set to 8.00 am to 5.00 pm. This can be changed by clicking the change link and setting your own active hour period



Windows 10 Build 18282–Themes

After the introduction of the dark theme in one of the previous builds, Microsoft has introduced a light theme and a custom theme in build 18282.

Click on Settings and select Personalization


Click on Colors and from the drop down you may select “Light”, “Dark” or “Custom”


If you select custom, you can further select the color mode for Windows and app separately


Speaking Engagement: Modern Desktop in a Modern Workplace

Was invited to give a talk on the Modern Desktop components to a group of Senior IT business users on the benefits and trends in a Modern Workplace.

The session covered on the below topics

1) Microsoft 365 Overview

2) Windows Defender

3) Windows Hello

4) Windows as a Service

5) BitLocker

6) Windows 10 Native Apps

7) Storage Spaces

The session was attended by 8 participants and was delivered on the 27th November 2018.



Microsoft Teams–Mobile App Schedule Events

Microsoft Teams, is known as the fastest growing business app in Microsoft history (source). Teams, provides a true collaboration experience ever since it was released. It helps organizations to centralize IM, Video and Audio conferencing, file sharing, co-authoring, etc. Teams has both a desktop version and a mobile app for it to be accessed anywhere using any device.

Although the desktop version has been a complete one, the mobile app had a vital feature missing, which was the ability to create meeting requests or schedule events. With the recent update in October 2018, this has been solved  (release notes).

Android App



After (Click on the icon marked in red)


iOS App



After (Click on the icon marked in red)


Windows 10 Dark Theme

One of the new functionalities of Windows 10 October 2018 Update is the ability set a new color theme. The dark theme is able to apply to almost all the Windows, including the file explorer as well as other settings window with the operating system.

To activate the dark theme;

Open Settings and click on Personalization


Select Colors


Select Dark under the default app mode


Dark mode applied


How to set Microsoft Teams as chat app in Microsoft Office

Microsoft integrated Skype for Business with Microsoft Office to have a fully integrated collaboration and communication productivity suite. This integration has been available for quite sometime and through this users are able to initiate instant messaging communication, audio and video calls from within Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, etc. and collaborate with their peers.

With the introduction of Microsoft Teams, more and more organizations are moving in to teams to start communicating and collaborating with peers. Teams gives much more rich features and functionalities compared to Microsoft Skype for Business.

Now lets look at how we could change the default chat application in Microsoft office applications from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams.

Open Teams


Select the below highlighted checkbox


Restart your Office applications. Open Outlook and click on a contact card and start IM


Your Phone App in Windows 10

Windows 10 includes an app which allows you to connect your Android phone to your Windows 10 device and mirror its content such as photos and text messages. The iOS version of this app will be out in the near future. The app can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store here.

Once the app is launched form the Windows 10 device you will need to sign in using your Microsoft Accounts


Once successfully signed in click on link your phone


It will take a moment to link


Enter your mobile number


You will receive a text with the link to download the app on your mobile


Text on your phone with the link


Download the app and install or update (if you have already installed a previous version) from the store

Screenshot_20181026-105043_Google Play Store

Once the app is installed on your mobile, sign in using your Microsoft account

Screenshot_20181026-105201_Your Phone Companion

Open  the app on the Windows 10 device and make sure to connect your phone to a WiFi Network as the whole connection process works wireless and you do not need to connect your phone to the Windows 10 device using any cables


Click on send notification and you will receive a notification on your mobile device to allow or deny connection


Once the Allow is clicked your phone and your Windows 10 device will be connected using the WiFi and your pictures will be synched and you can send and receive text messages from your Windows 10 device through the Your Phone App.