Missing Screenshots in Problem Steps Recorder (PSR.EXE)

Like most of the IT Pro’s I too use PSR to capture screenshots for troubleshooting, documenting, blogging and other tasks which require to capture a series of screenshots. Most of the times when I use PSR I have been facing an issue. Once the recording is done and the file has been saved, when I open the .mht file most of the screenshot at the beginning will be missing and the one’s at last will be displayed.

You may have a message on the missing screenshot as “No screenshots were saved for this problem step”. The reason for this is that by default, PSR only saves the last 25 screenshots to help reduce the size of the capture file. If you require to capture more than 25 screenshots you may increase this number (to a maximum of 100)

  • To Increase, Open PSR with elevated rights, click on the highlighted arrow and select Settings


  • Change from number of recent screen captures 25 to a maximum of 100.


Problem Steps Recorder

Windows 7 has one of the amazing features that I have used and this feature make my life very easier. It’s called the Problem Steps Recorder (PSR.EXE).

What does it do? If you are an IT Pro, many people will ask you to fix problems on their computersSmile (get on with it.. this is life), at times it will not be feasible for you to fix issues without remote access or looking at the issues on what’s happening on the screen.

When you type PSR on the instant search box, it will launch PSR tool through which you can record each click that you perform on the screen and the relevant step. The best part is that you can comment on these screen shots. Once it is done, PSR will compile all these in to a MHTML file and add to a zip file which will make it very smaller in size so that you can email the details.