Windows 10 October 2018 Update–Clipboard

Traditionally in Windows we have always had the copy, cut and paste operations. These three features have made our lives so easy. However, we have always had a limitation. Whatever we copy, we cannot see before we paste or we cannot reuse what we copied previously.

With the October 2018 update, Microsoft introduced a cool new feature called the “Windows 10 Clipboard”. The Windows 10 Clipboard enables a user to store what you copy to the clipboard and enables you to reuse the content that was previously store. How is it possible? The clipboard stores all the content (text and images) that is copied on the computer and allows to synch to other devices of the same users, so that the user can copy data/information from one device and use the same

How to enable the Clipboard feature

1) Open Setings

2) Click on Systems

3) Click on Clipboard

4) Enable Clipboard History


By pressing Window+V displays the clipboard with all the copied text and images.