Outlook 2016 doesn’t fully synchronize your Exchange mailbox

Recently I reinstalled Windows 10 on my computer and on top of Windows, I installed Microsoft Office 2016.

When I setup my email on Outlook 2016, I noticed that only part of my emails which is on my Exchange mailbox had synchronized with my Outlook. This was not the case before where all my mails use to synch and due to this the search operations especially on older emails were a bit slow.

After some research I found out its due to the fact that Outlook has a behavior where it limits the emails to be synched considering the hard disk space when you are setting up a cached Exchange mode mailbox.

In order to increase this;

Open Outlook => File => drop down Account settings => select Account settings => Under email select the email account and click on change.


Move the slider according to the timeline you require and click next and finish.


Once done, your emails will start to synch and download.


Missing attachment warning in Outlook 2013

I am a heavy user of Outlook like most of you’ll out there. If I am guilty of something for not missing out multiple times, it definitely would be forgetting to attach a file in an email. I am sure that most of you’ll also would be guilty of this and the worst part is when your boss send’s a reply reminding about the missing attachment.

With Outlook 2013, you will never face this situation again, how awesome is that.

Outlook 2013 has a mechanism to go through the subject of the mail and the text in the body of the email to check for key words such as “Attached”, “Attachment”, “Attaching”, “Enclosed”, “Here is” etc. if it recognizes of these terms or similar terms like this and when you click send if the attachment if missing, Outlook 2013 will display a message box as below.



Installing Microsoft Office 2013 Preview

The following are the steps to Install Microsoft Office 2013 preview

before installation you will need

  • Windows live ID
  • Windows 7 or Windows 8

Visit http://www.microsoft.com/office/preview/en

Screenshot (34)

Click Sign Up

Screenshot (35)

Click on Try Now

Screenshot (36)

Click Get Started

Screenshot (37)

Click Continue

Screenshot (38)

Processing Setting Up Account

Screenshot (39)

Click on install and the web installer will be downloaded (by default the 32bit version will be downloaded, if you need the x64 bit then close the prompted screen

Screenshot (40) 

Click on the Language and Install options to select the x64bit and download the web installer and execute. It will grab the details from your Live ID

Select your style and click next

Screenshot (29)

Information on SkyDrive, click next

Screenshot (30)

While things are getting ready at the background, you can either take a tour to look at the new stuff or click no thanks to proceed with the installation

Screenshot (31)

Installation has started

Screenshot (32)

Upon finishing the installation, I opened up my Outlook and it was mind blowing

Screenshot (33)

Microsoft Office 2013 Preview or office 15 preview

A new Office has arrived! the customer preview of the next Microsoft Office (office 2013) has been released. It’s free to try,

visit http://www.microsoft.com/office/preview/en to explore the new Office.


  1. It is possible to install both office 2010 and office 2013 preview on the same machine
  2. if you are planning to install Office 2010 and Office 2013 preview on the same machine, you have to make sure that both are on the same version of either 32 bit or 64 bit. The installation will fail if it’s in a mixed environment
  3. By default the installation is web based (as of now)
  4. By default it will start installing the 32 bit and to change it to x64 bit, click on the Language and install options under the “Office 365 home Premium Preview Install Information page”
  5. You will need a Live ID to proceed with the installation.

Ok folks.. Enjoy using the new version of Office and stay tuned for more posts

Format Painter in Microsoft Office

This is one of those features within the Microsoft Office family that I use a lot.

Scenario: If you have formatted a Letter, Word, Sentence or a Paragraph with lots of different formatting types like, change of fonts, colors, bold, italics, underline, alignment, etc. which needs a lot of clicks  and if you want to apply the same formatting to another letter, word, sentence or paragraph in the same document, you do not have to redo everything again.

Simply, select part of the text from which you want to copy the formatting from and click on the “Format Painter” button within the clipboard group under the Home tab. Select the destination text and the formatting will be applied.


If you need to apply the formatting on to no consecutive, multiple places in the same document, double click on the Format Painter button and you can apply any where in the document.

Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 1

At TechED Atlanta, Microsoft has announced that the release of Service Pack 1 for SharePoint 2010 and Office 2010 will be end of June 2011.

The following are some of the highlights the Service Pack will deliver

  • Outlook fixes an issue where “Snooze Time” would not reset between appointments.
  • The default behavior for PowerPoint "Use Presenter View" option changed to display the slide show on the secondary monitor.
  • Integrated community content in the Access Application Part Gallery.
  • Better alignment between Project Server and SharePoint Server browser support.
  • Improved backup / restore functionality for SharePoint Server
  • The Word Web Application extends printing support to “Edit Mode.”
  • Project Professional now synchronizes scheduled tasks with SharePoint task lists.
  • Internet Explorer 9 “Native” support for Office Web Applications and SharePoint
  • Office Web Applications Support for Chrome
  • Inserting Charts into Excel Workbooks using Excel Web Application
  • Support for searching PPSX files in Search Server
  • Visio Fixes scaling issues and arrowhead rendering errors with SVG export
  • Proofing Tools improve spelling suggestions in Canadian English, French, Swedish and European Portuguese.
  • Outlook Web Application Attachment Preview (with Exchange Online only)
  • Office client suites using “Add Remove Programs” Control Panel, building on our work from Office 2007 SP2

A more detailed list will be available once its released.

Information on SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 1

More information can be found here