Using Multiple Live ID’s with Internet Explorer

One of my common task at work involves me to sign in to multiple Microsoft websites using different Live ID’s (.NET Passport addresses). The problem is that usually I have, like 15-20 Internet Explorer tabs open and sometimes one of these tabs uses one Live ID which I have signed in with, and when I try to open a new site and sign in with another Live ID, the newly opened site uses the already used Live ID, so have to go through every tab and sign-out and then use the other Live ID to sign in, this is a tedious process and a headache at times.

One easy way to solve this is Open a new browsing session. To do this

On the Internet Explorer window, click File => and then click New Session

This will enable you to start a new browsing session in which you will be able to use different Live ID’s.


IE 9 with Windows 7

Windows 7, Microsoft’s successful client operating system which is filled with new features which makes life easier becomes more friendlier to IE9 than any other.

Some of the popular and mostly used features of Windows 7 are been introduced in IE9 as well. To name some,

  1. Pinning – you can pin your most frequently used websites to your new Windows 7 Taskbar. Its simple, just drag the tab to your task bar and it will be pinned.
  2. The tabs that you open in IE9 can be dragged and moved as a new IE window
  3. Aero Snap is possible with IE9 tabsSmile select 2 tabs move them individually to each side of the screen and “wolah..” you get aero snap with IE Tabs.
  4. Jump Lists – When you pin an application or a folder in Windows 7 to it’s task bar, and you right click on top of the pinned application you will get the most commonly used tasks as shortcuts. Same applies to the websites you pin, an example is shown below with MSN.COM being pinned and its jump list.


Start using IE and get a new shine to your browsing experience.

Internet Explorer 9 Beta–What’s New?

Welcome to a more beautiful WEB, with Internet Explorer 9. Yes, IE9 really gives you the “WOW” which was missing all these days.

for the past 2 days I have been using IE9 – Beta and found that there are some notable changes than its previous versions.

  1. The Address bar, Tabs, etc has been cluttered in a manner so that we can have maximum space to view the websiteSmile – this is great
  2. The Address bar and the search box has been combined together. Now you have one box to type a URL or a search query
  3. Seamlessly integrates with Windows 7
  4. Favorites, homepage and other menu bar options have been moved to your right side of the screen
  5. All notifications appear at the bottom of the page so that it does not disturb your browsing experience

the above are some of the new features which I experienced. Please feel free to share yours. After all its all about sharingSmile

Internet Explorer 9 Beta–Speed Up

This is my second post with regard to Internet Explorer 9 Beta, in my earlier post I mentioned that its being released and the download location.

I installed IE9 and one of the new things I faced was a pop up on the bottom of my IE window which says “Disable the Add-on and speed up your browser”. When I clicked on Disable Add-On, surprisingly I got a Window which had more analytical data than the previous Add-On management Window in IE.


It actually shows how many seconds you will be saving if you disable the relevant Add-On and now that is something cool. Just disable the unnecessary add on and improve your browsing speed