The New Windows Live SkyDrive

Starting from June 20th Microsoft has launched a new version of SkyDrive to make the experience much more interesting and make it much more easier to access and use. Microsoft has used the advantages of modern browsers and HTML5 to make SkyDrive faster, easier to navigate, and more beautiful for viewing photos.

With Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 on Windows 7, you can access your SkyDrive faster than ever before. The new SkyDrive enables you to pin it to your Windows 7 taskbar, and it has its own specific jumplist.


SkyDrive is just a click away on which you can create Word, Excel, PowerPoint files quicker than ever before.

Below is a snapshot of the new SkyDrives interface on IE9 and it will be almost the same on FireFox as well as Chrome


When you click on a Word, Excel or a PowerPoint file there will be an extended action item shown on the right side pain. Through which you can check the versions of the particular file, edit the permission, etc.

The new SkyDrive gives live thumbnail previews for pictures of any size.

Check the Windows Team Blog for more information

SkyDrive for the Modern Web



Windows Live Essentials–BETA

This is GREAT!! I simply love this.. The next version of Microsoft Windows Live Beta is available for download here 

Amazing and a job very well done by Microsoft. I just installed it on my notebook and some of the notable features are as follows,

1) The Live Writer has the ribbon interface

2) The Windows Live Mail too has the ribbon interface and includes the conversation view Smile, looks almost like Outlook 2010.

3) A total revamp on Microsoft Windows Live Messenger, which integrates with  Facebook and Myspace by displaying almost all the updates, feeds, status messages, comments, etc. etc.

Use it for yourself and experience the change.

PS: use it at your own risk, I am sure it will blow your mind away Smile with tongue out  even the smiley’s are great on Live Writer

Bing Images

Bing! Microsoft’s new search engine which has a lot of new features and which turns out great search results. I have been using Bing from the day it was published and the search results have been improving tremendously from day one to until now. I have always wanted to grab those lovely pictures which the site hosts as the back ground image. Everyday you will find a new image which looks great.

I was browsing the web today and found this site which has almost all the pictures and you can visit the following site to browse through them   

Looks great and hope you will enjoy browsing the mages also.

If you want to subscribe for the Bing Images RSS feed, please do so by visiting the following