The Story behind the Fish on Windows 7 Beta

When I first installed Windows 7 beta, I was surprised to see the default wallpaper which was a FISH, which of course I myself or most of us didn’t expect. It turns out to be that there is a valid reason why Microsoft had this picture of a fish as the default wallpaper. In Windows Vista Microsoft used photographs which were taken by their employees and added as wallpapers.

Coming back to Windows 7, this particular fish which is called Siamese fighting fish is one of the most popular fresh water fish. The fish is also known as BETTA FISH  After reading the following article about Siamese fighting fish, I realized why Microsoft came up with the picture of this fish.

According to Microsoft this wallpaper will be the default wallpaper only on the beta and will be changed in the future builds and releasesof Windows 7.

Wireless Network Adapter issue on Windows 7 Beta

I have been using Windows 7 for almost a month now and I am really impressed on the performance and reliability. For a beta product this is really awesome. The best part is that NO BLUE SCREENS from day oneJ.

Anyway the issue I was facing with Windows 7 from day one was that, whenever I hibernated or send my computer to sleep or standby mode the wireless adapter gets disabled and after resuming Windows it can’t be enabled. Initially as a solution for this what I had to do was restart my computer or without hibernating, sleep or using the standby mode on my computer I had to shut it down which again was a pain and problem.

I was doing some configurations here and there to solve this and BINGO!!!! Found the solution on how to overcome this J

By default Windows 7 enables “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” power management option under the Wireless adapter. All you have to do is remove the check and disable this optionJ.

The following are the steps on how to do this

In the Network and Sharing Center click on Change Adapter Settings link. Right click on the Wireless Adapter and select Properties, click on the Configure button which you will find just under your wireless device name. This will open up a new Window which will have five tabs of which the last one will be Power Management. Uncheck the option “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” and click Ok. Now you’re good to go!! Now you can hibernate, use the sleep mode or standby mode and your Wireless Network Card will work just fine upon resuming Windows.