Microsoft Windows 7 Beta 1

Microsoft’s new and upcoming desktop operating system Windows 7 beta 1 was released last week.

Now usually when there is a beta product been released and installed on a system you will come across a lot of issues, but its the other way around with this beautiful masterpiece by Microsoft. The looks of Windows 7 just took my breath away.

As soon as i installed the product i noticed that its speeder than Windows Vista and the CPU usage and memory management is completely mind-blowing comparatively to Vista. The beta 1 installation went smoothly and ended successfully, i even tried an upgrade from Windows Vista ultimate to Windows 7 Ultimate and it went fine.

One of the main highlight of Windows 7 is the new and improved taskbar where you can move your cursor on top of the program which are opened and minimized and have a live preview. The side bar in Windows vista is not there in Windows 7 but the gadgets are available for you to have anywhere on your desktop 🙂

To experience Windows 7 fully you will need a Tablet PC or an interactive touch screen, this is to experience the new Windows Touch feature which is introduced in Windows 7. As for system requirements a computer which can run Windows Vista can run Windows 7 more efficiently.

Most importantly the Windows Easy Transfer (WET) can be done from Windows Vista to Windows 7 so no need to worry on manual backups before you upgrade or migrate.

Microsoft Windows 7 Beta 1 can be downloaded as an ISO file from the following link

I know what you are thinking 🙂 Download, Install and Experience the world with a whole new WINDOW!!!


Win32/Conficker.B is a modified or another version of the Win32/Conficker worm which was released some time ago.

But the newly released Win32/Conficker.B is been targeted towards Microsoft Windows Server, Windows 7, Windows Vista SP1 and Windows XP SP3. The worm affects the vulnerable SVCHOST.EXE service on the Windows Server and spreads across to other computers over the network and allow remote code execution..

One of the symptoms is that users will not be able to open websites which has the following strings: microsoft, defender, virus, spyware, symantec, etc.

The following link gives more information regarding the malicious worm and the steps to prevent from it.