My People in Windows 10

With the fall creators update Microsoft released a whole bunch of new features. One of the interesting feature is to pin three of your most frequently contacted or important people to your taskbar. Through this it makes it easier to start an email conversation or even make a Skype call with just a click form your task bar.

With the update, there will be a new icon on the task bar.


By clicking on the icon it opens all the contacts synced to the people app in Windows 10 and it helps to search and pin up to three contact you click to your taskbar.


Click on the pinned contacts will provide easy contacting options for those contacts



Windows as a Service

With the release of Windows 10, it was discussed in many forums that this would be the final version of Windows. Well, although this has been discussed, in my opinion this would not be the final version of Windows rather, this would be the final number after the word Windows.

With every other organization & software moving towards an “as-a-service” model, Microsoft also is moving its core Windows product to the same model. Yes, as part of the Windows-as-a-Service (WaaS) model, Microsoft is currently offering the Windows Enterprise version as a monthly subscription based model along with bundling EMS and Office 365. Thinking about this now, it all makes sense.

Unlike the old days, where one has to wait for few years to get their hands on to a new version of Windows to enjoy all the new features, today, in this demanding world Microsoft provides two major updates per year and these updates includes new features and functionalities. These feature upgrades are offered through Windows updates. Earlier version of Windows had beta releases and then technical previews before the final version of Windows to be shipped. Through this method, Microsoft collected all the necessary feedbacks and bugs and fixed before the final release shipment. Windows the introduction of Windows 10, the Windows Insider community was born. Microsoft releases all the new features as and when its developed to the Windows Insiders and they provide the necessary feedback. Similarly, in the old days another issue was application compatibility moving from one version of Windows to another. But Windows 10 is compatible with almost all the applications and hardware and since all the new updates planned to be released 2 times a year and it will be based on the core Windows 10 platform, it is very unlikely that there would be a compatibility issue.

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Microsoft Teams: An Introduction

In todays world where organizations strive to embrace digital transformation to have a competitive edge over its competitors, IT giants like Microsoft have introduced many different products to complement this journey. products such as Office 365, Skype for Business, SharePoint, Azure are some of the products which accepted by enterprises globally and are leaders in the Gartner magic quadrant in its respective solution areas.

Recently Microsoft released a communication and collaboration product on its Office 365 productivity platform called Teams. As the name sounds this gives a true experience for teams within an organization to work productively by communicating and collaborating efficiently. Today, teams within organizations are located at different geographical locations at times and members of the teams might not be in office to attend discussions and meetings, etc. products such as Microsoft Teams works as a collaboration and communication platform to connect teams within the organization where ever they are.

So what is teams; it is a chat based workspace which brings employees (people), conversations and content in to one place which helps everyone who are part of that teams workspace to access and find content in one place and more easily. Teams by default integrates with Microsoft Office applications.

With the tight integration with Skype, Microsoft Teams provides a rich chat environment, audio, video conferencing and act as a platform to host meetings. The content within teams would be encrypted and secured as the information shared would be highly confidential.

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Shortcut for Task Manager in Windows

Task Manager has become one of the tools used by almost all Windows users to do some level of administrative task. some of the common usage of task manager are to end a process, view the resource usage of the computer, check the performance of the computer etc.

I have seen many users, opening task manager by holding down Ctrl+Alt+Delete and then selecting Task Manager from the screen. Although this is one way of accessing task manager but it involves an additional step.

Another way of accessing Task Manager is through right clicking on the task bar and selecting task manager.


The most easiest way for me to is by holding down Ctrl+Shift+Esc which opens Task Manager instantly.

How to use group policies to set a default website and open IE when logging in to Windows

The below is a guide on how to use group policies in Windows Server 2008 R2 to set a default website in internet explorer and launch internet explorer every time a user logs in to the domain using his/her domain credentials.

To start off with, we will create a new Group policy object rather than editing the default domain policy.

open the  Group policy management console in administrative tools or simply type GPMC.MSC in run. Right click on the domain name and select create a GPO in this domain


Give a name to the GPO and click ok


Right click the newly created GPO and click edit


The Group Policy Management Editor will open


Navigate to the following location to set the default home page URL

User Configuration => Policies => Administrative Templates => Windows Components => Internet Explorer.

Click on the “Disable Changing the Home Page” policy


Click Enabled, type in the URL and click OK. This will set the default Home Page in IE.


To launch Internet Explorer when the user logs in to Windows, navigate to the following;

User Configuration => Policies => Administrative Templates => System => Logon.

Click on the “Run these programs at user logon”


Click on enable and click on show


Give the path to internet explorer in the show content window and click OK


As the final step, open Command Prompt in Admin mode and run gpupdate /force

Types of Default Group Policies in Windows

Group policies in Windows are one of the most used and key tools in effectively managing a domain environment. It provides the administrator with many options, starting from to automating certain tasks to allow/deny certain options. Many administrator use group policies to standardize the operating environment within the domain.  

By default in an Active Directory environment one could see two different type of group policies.

  1. Default Domain Controllers Policy
  2. Default Domain Policy


The default domain controllers policy is used to enforce and set policies to all the domain controllers within the domain environment. This is a way to enforce proper security as well as set the necessary options to all domain controllers within the environment. By default the, the default domain controllers policy is applied to the Domain controllers OU within the Active Directory.

The default domain policy is used to apply policies to al sort of objects under the domain. This is applicable to all objects and OU’s by default.

As a best practice, Microsoft recommends to leave both the default domain controllers policy and the default domain policy as it is and create new policies as required for the organization purpose. 

Adding Multiple OneDrive Accounts in Windows 10

Cloud storage has become a widely used storage location for many. Microsoft OneDrive which was previously known as SkyDrive is one such cloud storage option available. Microsoft OneDrive comes in 2 flavors, the free OneDrive which can be obtained by signing up a free Microsoft account and has a free storage of 5GB and the paid Microsoft OneDrive for Business which can be obtained through an Office 365 subscription which has a 1TB of storage limit.

Windows 10 enables a user to add both these OneDrive folders to be synchronized to the local PC which helps to store all the documents and data in the cloud. The OneDrive app is already built into Windows 10 and the user can simply enter the email address and the password to start the initial sync. Below are the steps to add multiple OneDrive accounts to your Windows 10 computer.

Open OneDrive Application and enter the email address of Account 1


Enter the password of Account 1


If the sync folder location to be changed click on change location and select the folder and click next


Select the folders to be synchronized to the local computer and click nextSNAGHTML83fafb1a

Click open OneDrive and the folders and documents will be synched.

To add the second account, right click the OneDrive icon from the task bar


Select settings


Click on add account


Follow the same process to add the account (mentioned above) and once done you will be able to access both folders from the file explorer


The sync status can be viewed from the icons in the task bar